The Book of Places, Vol. 1

Most people enjoy their photos digitally, either on the computer or online, but I still love the sight and feel of actual prints and photo books. I have a number of photo books lying around the house, mostly from trips that I’ve taken. I actually enjoy the process of designing the books and arranging the photos the way I like them. I also have random prints sitting around, waiting for the right frames and/or mats.

More recently, I decided to create a coffee table photo book of my travel photos over the last several years. I’ve used many different companies in the past, mostly obtained with vouchers from Groupon or Living Social or a similar website. One of my favorites is Blurb. Sure, Blurb isn’t the cheapest one around, but I really like the quality of their products. I definitely prefer using them to make a book that’s more artsy, but I do choose cheaper services for travel books.

To create a book, you can use BookWright, Adobe Lightroom, or Adobe InDesign. BookWright is their own software; I have used the previous version of their software for another photo book, but I decided to go with Lightroom this time as it is my primary photo editing software. Using Lightroom to make this book was extremely simple as it’s already integrated into their “Book” module. To start, I chose my size (small square), cover (hardcover image wrap), and paper type (premium luster). There are a few page templates to choose from, depending on the number of pictures you want on a page. For the most part, I stuck with one photo on each page. There are rarely two photos on one page. The other layout that I used a few times throughout the book was one photo on a two-page spread (this was actually my favorite and I had try hard not to overuse it). As you add pages, it changed the estimated price that was shown, which was useful.

One criticism that I had was that I had to purchase the book on premium paper, which added to the cost of the book. (I believe that this was something that could be changed if you use Lightroom 5, but I’m currently using Lightroom 4, so I can’t verify that.)

Anyway, for this book, I sized it at 7×7″, which I think is a good size for our coffee table. It contains 182 pages printed on premium luster paper. I am very happy with the end result of the book and love browsing through it. I plan on doing this again in a few years when I accumulate another batch of images from my travels.

If you would like to make your own book with Blurb, you can use the code INTRO for 25% off your first book or 4ALL for 15% off of $50+ purchase.  Both codes are valid through June 23, 2014.








Disclaimer: I bought this book with my own money and I just love the product. However, if you click on the above link, I do get a small commission if you buy something.