Earlier this summer, I went to two different rodeos in the area and practice using my long lens and some action shots.

The first one that I went to was the St. Paul Rodeo, but instead of going to the show, I went for the slacks. It’s like the preliminary rounds, so they just go through a bunch of events, one right after the other. I loved this experience because I took nearly 1,000 photos. (It wasn’t so much fun sorting through them!)

The second one I went to was the Vancouver Rodeo. This time, I went for their final show of this summer. From a photography standpoint, I actually found myself enjoying this less, because there was a lot of talk and show. The whole thing was definitely for entertainment, which left me with fewer opportunities to take interesting photos.

Anyway, attending these rodeos was an enjoyable way to spend the days around the Fourth of July.

Wendy Ng Photography: Travel Others &emdash; DSC_0620

Wendy Ng Photography: Travel Others &emdash; DSC_0729

Wendy Ng Photography: Travel Others &emdash; DSC_0946