Iceland in June

Well, that was a much longer hiatus that I had expected to make. The main reason why I had stopped posting was because my husband and I were leaving for Iceland, and I really didn’t have a backlog of pictures that I wanted to post at that time. And then the summer just kind of got away from me, so here we are. Can you believe that it will be September tomorrow?!

(I spent some time over the summer working on some photo organization in the portfolio, and unfortunately that has led to some broken pictures and links here on the blog. I’m trying to fix them, but it may take a little more time.)

For years, Iceland was at or near the top of my bucket list. Up until now, there just hasn’t been the right time for this trip. Trust me when I say that it had come up as possibility for the last several years, but we never went for one reason or another, even though we take one or two international trips a year. Well, not this time! We decided to fly there now that there’s a nonstop flight from Portland, and spent ten days driving around the country.

It was everything I had imagined it would be. And more. There’s just amazing landscape around the entire country. The mountains are so dramatic as they drop down to sea level. The weather was ever changing. There was much more nature than people on this trip.

Two thirds of Iceland’s 320,000 people live in Greater Reykjavik. We came to this city on a sunny day, which helped us stay awake when we really wanted to sleep, but jet lag really won on this trip; we didn’t see complete darkness for the entire trip.¬† Reykjavik is full of architectural beauties, most notably found at Hallgr√≠mskirkja and Harpa.

Wendy Ng Photography: Iceland &emdash; Reykjavik City

Wendy Ng Photography: Iceland &emdash; Modern Church

Wendy Ng Photography: Iceland &emdash; Geometry Lesson