Etsy Shop Closing

The Colors of Autumn series at my Etsy shop will be available for another two days.  If you’re interested in picking up any of these photographs, this is it!

Since I’m not making many sales through the Etsy shop, I have decided to close it.  There’s not a lot of expenses associated with it, but I don’t think it’s necessarily worth my time to keep it up.  I may reopen it in the future if I get more inquiries for prints.

In the mean time, if you’re interested in obtaining the prints of any of the photographs that are either on this blog or my portfolio, please contact me.


Grand Canyon National Park

A few years ago, I visited Grand Canyon National Park around Thanksgiving.  Over three days, the weather ranged from foggy to snowy to sunny.  Grand Canyon had it all!  I’m not sure if there is much more to say about this place in addition to what’s already been said by everyone else.  Go see it for yourself!  Anyway, it’s nice looking back at all those pictures as I’m planning a return there in a few months (if everything works out).

Day 168/365: At the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Mules

Day 169/365: Snow Over Grand Canyon

Top of the World

Tree Trunk

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia has been in the making since 1882 — that’s over 130 years ago! — and it’s still incomplete. It was originally designed by Antoni Gaudí and is the largest Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Spain. As of now, the anticipated completion date is 2026, which is the 100th anniversary of Gaudí’s death.

La Sagrada Família

Above the Front Door

Great Heights

Tall Ceiling

Curved Edges

Staining Column

The Badlands

It’s hard to describe the Badlands; no photographs or words can ever really describe the way this landscape looks and how you feel when you drive upon it. Just as you write South Dakota off as just flat prairie (if you’re driving from the east anyway), the earth depresses into colorful layered rocks.  They ranges from brown to orange to red to yellow, which provide striking contrast to the surround greenery.

Badlands Landscape

Lone Flower

Yellow Mounds

South Dakota Skies

The Skulls

On the surface, Kuná Hora is just another quiet Czech town, but when you look through the guidebooks for something to see here, you will inevitably find out about the Sedlec Ossuary, or the Bone Church.  Its claim to fame is the human skeletons arranged to decorate the room.  It was a burial site for the riches back in the late 1200’s and early 1300’s, but during The Plague (mid 14th century) and Hussite Wars (early 15th century), it became a mass grave.  All the bones (some 40-70,000) were put together in their current order back in the late 1800’s.

All Bones

Armor of Bones


Day 322/365: All Skulls and Bones