Window Seat

Although it can be very inconvenient on a long flight, I love sitting at the window seat when I fly.  I try to travel by plane a few times a year.  Since I’m obsessed with geotagging my photos, I love the planes that have a personal TV and has the flight map within my reach whenever I want.

There is just something I love as the landscape changes from Point A to Point B.  Sometimes the storm clouds put me in awe as they reach higher and higher in the sky. When the plane ascends or descends, I love getting a glimpse of the skyline that I’m flying into or out of.

Sometimes photographing out of a moving plan can be really tricky.  Until recently, all electronic devices had to be off during take off and landing, which makes it a little more difficult to take a picture out of the window.  It’s also hard to obtain a level horizon when the nose of the plane is point at an angle.  Night flights are also challenging because of the fast shutter speed (and usually high ISO) needed to prevent blurry shots.

The follow photos are two of my favorite window seat photos.  The first was during take off from JFK.  I think it was taken somewhere along the borders of Queens and Long Island.  The second was estimated to be somewhere in eastern Oregon or southwestern Idaho.  I think there is a good possibility that it is Snake River or one of its tributaries.  We flew over Salt Lake City shortly after the photo was taken.

Wendy Ng Photography: Travel Others &emdash; Urban Sprawl

Wendy Ng Photography: Nature &emdash; Out of the Window


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