Hong Kong, Part I

Hong Kong is mostly known for its hustle and bustle as one of the business cities in the world.  It was a place I called home once upon a time, and a place that I love going back to over and over again throughout the years. In my opinion, no other city’s skyline rivals that of Hong Kong, and that’s including Paris, New York, and a few others that I have been to.  Every night, the Symphony of Lights puts on a show that transforms the skyscrapers from day to night.  I love getting a glimpse of it from different angles of the city.

I can’t decide if the classic view of Hong Kong is best from Victoria Peak or the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront, but wandering under the tall buildings in Central or Admiralty offers a different perspective.  And as you get into the neighborhoods of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, business signs light up entire streets.

New York may been known as the city that never sleeps, but I wonder if Sinatra would change his mind if he visits Hong Kong today.

However, this is not the only side to Hong Kong.  I plan on making a post in the future with another side of Hong Kong that many may not have seen before.

Wendy Ng Photography: Cityscape &emdash; Central Night Traffic

Wendy Ng Photography: Cityscape &emdash; Take a Look

Wendy Ng Photography: Cityscape &emdash; Hong Kong at Night

Wendy Ng Photography: Cityscape &emdash; Tall Ones


Window Seat

Although it can be very inconvenient on a long flight, I love sitting at the window seat when I fly.  I try to travel by plane a few times a year.  Since I’m obsessed with geotagging my photos, I love the planes that have a personal TV and has the flight map within my reach whenever I want.

There is just something I love as the landscape changes from Point A to Point B.  Sometimes the storm clouds put me in awe as they reach higher and higher in the sky. When the plane ascends or descends, I love getting a glimpse of the skyline that I’m flying into or out of.

Sometimes photographing out of a moving plan can be really tricky.  Until recently, all electronic devices had to be off during take off and landing, which makes it a little more difficult to take a picture out of the window.  It’s also hard to obtain a level horizon when the nose of the plane is point at an angle.  Night flights are also challenging because of the fast shutter speed (and usually high ISO) needed to prevent blurry shots.

The follow photos are two of my favorite window seat photos.  The first was during take off from JFK.  I think it was taken somewhere along the borders of Queens and Long Island.  The second was estimated to be somewhere in eastern Oregon or southwestern Idaho.  I think there is a good possibility that it is Snake River or one of its tributaries.  We flew over Salt Lake City shortly after the photo was taken.

Wendy Ng Photography: Travel Others &emdash; Urban Sprawl

Wendy Ng Photography: Nature &emdash; Out of the Window

Urban Decay

It’s no secret that I love photographing landscape and nature. I’m also interested in cityscape and architecture, and specifically urban decay. There’s just something about peeling paint and crumbling walls that really draw me in. I also love processing them in monotone, which really conveys a sense of mood.

The three posted below are my personal favorites. The first was taken in Kilmainham Gaol, a former prison in Dublin, Ireland. The second is Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA; it once housed the famous Al Capon. Lastly, Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp in Germany during World War II, located just outside of Munich.

Wendy Ng Photography: Architecture &emdash; Stairs in Decay

Wendy Ng Photography: Architecture &emdash; Dark Places

Wendy Ng Photography: Still Life &emdash; Sink

Seattle at Night

We went to Seattle for a work conference at the end of February. It was our second visit to this city, with the first visit about a year prior. We went to many of the touristy sites during that first visit, including the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the ferry.  This time, since we went for work, we didn’t visit those sites again. One of the nights, we went to a dinner not far from our hotel and I took a few pictures on the walk back to the hotel that night.

The first photo below was taken from the top of Columbia Center.  One of my friends told me that the ladies’ bathroom has a great view of the city, so I actually brought my DSLR and snuck it into the bathroom.  The second and third photos are of the exteriors of the Seattle Library and the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, respectively.

Wendy Ng Photography: Cityscape &emdash; Night Traffic

Wendy Ng Photography: Cityscape &emdash; Triangle

Wendy Ng Photography: Cityscape &emdash; Fairmont Olympic